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Introducing Nourished Collagen +

Did you know that your body begins to lose Collagen when you hit 30?

This can be a key factor in the formation of wrinkles, your joint health deteriorating due to the cartilage wearing down, and muscle function decreasing [i].

However, there are ways in which you can improve your joints, hair, skin & nails, as well as help to improve the natural formation of collagen in the body thanks to our brand-new Nourished Collagen+ collection.

What is Nourished Collagen +?

Nourished Collagen+ stacks are a curated blend of 5 specially selected high-impact ingredients across two new products to target hair, skin and nails and joint health.

Not only are these a convenient way to take premium collagen, but they are also delicious too. In fact, 87% of Nourished Collagen+ customers say they would recommend these nutrient gummies to friends and family.

Our tasty Nourished Collagen+ Hair, Skin & Nails stacks contain a unique blend of active ingredients, including Vitamin C, Biotin, Hylaraunic Acid, Elastin and Ovoderm®.

Ovoderm® is a vegetarian collagen complex clinically proven to increase skin firmness by 51% [ii], helping to prevent the possible formation of wrinkles, as well as promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Our Joints & Recovery stacks also contain 7 layers of scientifically-backed ingredients, including Glucosamine, Elastin, Ovoderm® vegetarian collagen complex, as well as Hydrocurc, K2 Vital Delta and Vitamin D3.

What is Ovoderm®?

Ovoderm® (or Ovomet® as it is also known) is the only vegetarian-sourced collagen clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and promote healthy hair, skin, and nails in as little as 5 weeks [ii] [iii]. With over 400 proteins, and a scientific blend of Collagen I, V & X, Elastin, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic acid, this tasty formulation can aid joint recovery within 30 days [iv].

Ovoderm® offers multiple health benefits for skincare and joint health, whilst also being more environmentally sustainable than traditional collagen products. This vegetarian form of collagen is obtained through a non-solvent extraction process from upcycled eggshells generated by the local food industry.

Nourished Collagen+, Collagen, Nourished, Stacks

This process also helps to reduce the water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that would result from depositing those eggshells in landfills.

None of the resources used in Ovoderm® are created specifically for this product, as it only uses materials that would otherwise go to waste. This sustainable approach contributes to a circular economy, where waste is minimised, and resources are used efficiently. This contrasts with other non-vegetarian forms of collagen that are sourced from animals and fish, and can be linked with deforestation, water pollution and unsustainable fishing practices.

Ovorderm’s® unique extraction method also means that its natural structure remains intact. This essentially means that Collagen isn’t the only ingredient extracted from the resource, and it extracts the full spectrum from the membrane. This also means that additional beneficial proteins and ingredients are included within Ovoderm®.

This not only results in a highly effective and efficient form of collagen but also allows you to consume a much smaller dose compared to other collagen products on the market to feel the impact (with others sometimes requiring up to 8000 mg to see any potential benefit compared to Ovoderm’s® 300mg dosage).

Other brands require a higher dosage because they use ingredients of a lesser quality which don’t utilise this premium extraction method. This leads to a far more convenient solution with Nourished Collagen+, where the optimal dosage is printed in just three layers of our stacks.

What Are the Benefits of Nourished Collagen+ and Ovoderm?

Nourished Collagen+ Hair, Skin & Nails contain a high-impact dosage of Ovoderm®, Selenium, Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin C, whereas our Joints and Recovery stack contain Ovoderm®, Hydrocurc, K2 Vital Delta, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C.

Ovoderm® is clinically proven to improve skin elasticity, hydration and softness [ii], with studies showing that this impressive collagen ingredient can also reduce fatigue and aid in joint recovery in as little as 3 days [iii] [iv]. These trials also showed that joint recovery could be further enhanced by over 50% in 30 days of supplementing this ingredient [iii] [iv].

Try Nourished Collagen+ Today! Learn More!

Ovoderm® is also clinically proven to improve skin softness, brightness and hydration in 50 days [v] [vii].

Our dose of Vitamin C is also included in both stacks as it contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones.

Inside our Nourished Collagen+ Hair, Skin & Nails stack, we also include:

  • Selenium is added to help support the immune system, hair, skin and nails, and to help support thyroid function.
  • Biotin is included in our Hair, Skin and Nail stacks to contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and skin.
  • Zinc, which is essential for healthy hair, skin, teeth, bones, eyes and nails [vi].

Inside our Nourished Collagen+ Joints and Recovery stack, we also include:

  • K2 Vital Delta, which is shown to support cardiovascular health and support maintenance of normal bones [vi] and K2 Vita Delta, an impressive ingredient which is shown to support the maintenance of normal bones [vi].
  • Vitamin D3, which supports healthy muscle function 
Nourished Collagen+, Collagen, Nourished, Stacks

Nourished customers who tried our Collagen+ range reported**:

  • 93% of participants rated the convenience of the stacks 5 Stars.
  • 93% of participants rated the ingredients included within Collagen+ as 4 & 5 Stars.
  • 61% of participants had a noticeable difference in their overall health, well-being and skin within 28 days.
  • The biggest improvement within 28 days was a reduction in wrinkles & skin conditions, with 84% of people noticing a difference in 28 days.

** Based on research of 41 people taking part in consumer testing between April& May 2023

You can also learn about the additional potential health benefits of the ingredients included in Nourished Collagen by clicking the links below:

How to Add Nourished Collagen + to Your Diet?

Our Nourished Collagen+ range is available to purchase today. To learn more about Nourished Collagen+ Hair, Skin and Nails, click the link here, or for our Joints and Recovery stack, click here.

Each order contains 28 gummy stacks of our Collagen+ range and is made fresh to order to ensure up to 99.5% efficacy levels and a more delicious taste.

Nourished Collagen+, Collagen, Nourished, Stacks

Want to Learn More About Nourished Collagen + or Ovoderm?

To find out more about Nourished Collagen +, Ovoderm, or any of the other ingredients mentioned in this article then visit the studies listed below for additional information regarding this exciting new nourishment or visit the research page here:

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Ingredients in this blog:

HydroCurc™ & Black Pepper Extract 100g
K2 Vital Delta™ 100g
Selenium 100g
Vitamin C 100g
Vegan Vitamin D3 100g
Zinc 100g

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