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Methods for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

It’s widely acknowledged that exercising and consuming a healthy diet are two factors that contribute to healthy weight loss. However, there are other methods that can support your slimming journey that aren't as commonly known.

How can Apple Cider Vinegar and Postbiotics help, and what are some of the ways you can increase your step count to help weight loss? In this blog, we will share some lesser-known ways to aid natural and healthy weight loss to help you feel and look your best

How Increasing Your Step Count Can Help You Lose Weight

There is no denying that exercise has a host of positive health benefits for the body and is a core element of overall health.

NHS England recommends that the average adult should incorporate the following into their weekly routine [i]: 

  • Do strengthening activities that will work all of the major muscle groups for at least 2 days each week

  • Do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity (where your heart rate is raised enough to make you sweat) or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity (where you are breathing heavily, sweating, and your heart rate has increased by quite a bit).

  • Spreading exercise over 4 or 5 days

  • Break up long periods of sitting still or lying down by moving

It is also scientifically proven that exercise can be extremely beneficial for your mental health, anxiety and depression [ii].

The daily recommended step count for an adult is 10000 daily steps; however, it has been reported that the average American may only get between 3000-4000 daily steps.

woman walking, weight loss, Nourished

10,000 steps each day can be difficult to accomplish, especially when incorporated into an already busy routine. But just increasing your daily step count by 2000 additional steps can have a big impact on your health. A report in JAMA suggests that for every 2,000 extra steps added on average per day, you could lower your risk of premature death by 8-11% [v].

The amount of calories burnt from walking depends on a variety of factors, such as if the steps are at an incline, and your age and weight; however, a good average to look to is roughly 30-40 calories burnt per 1000 steps. Depending on your pace of walking, a 10 min walk could equate to 1000 extra steps.

Try increasing your step count by 2,000 additional steps on average initially, then aim for 8,000 overall steps per day. If you can accomplish these goals, then move to a goal of 10,000, then 12,000 and then 15,000 steps per day.

If you are looking to up your step count, then you could try:

  • Going for a walk after your lunch (not only does this add some extra steps, but there are also links on how moving your body after eating can aid your glucose levels and metabolism)

  • Warm up and warm down at the gym by walking on the treadmill with an incline

  • Walk around the office when you take a phone call.

  • If you work from home, get a quick walk in around the block before starting work

  • Fitness trackers or smartwatches can also be of use for tracking steps and reminding you to move (although most smartphones also now have step counters built in, despite not always being accurate).

  • Don’t worry if you can’t meet your goals every day, but try not to miss two days consecutively.

How Careflow Mango Powder Can Aid Healthy weight loss

As well as increasing how much we move, there are some powerful active ingredients that can have a positive impact too, including Careflow Mango Powder.

Careflow is a 100% pure mango fruit powder, which a growing body of research has shown can help to support blood circulation. A clinical trial demonstrates how Careflow can also help maintain a healthy heart, whilst it may even support energy levels and performance.

Another study examined the effects of supplements containing iringia abonensis (an African mango) on 40 obese subjects. By the end of the study, the following results were observed [v]:

  • Decrease in weight – Supplementing mango powder induced a decrease in weight of 1.48% after two weeks and of 2.7% after one month [v].

  • Waist circumference and hip circumference – Both were reduced significantly in the subjects taking mango powder, compared to those taking the placebo [v].

  • Blood pressure – Systolic blood pressure was significantly reduced by the active supplementation, compared to the placebo [v].

You can read a more in-depth breakdown of this study here.

You can add Careflow Mango to your own Nourished stack by clicking the button at the bottom of this blog post or visiting the page here to learn more.

Apple Cider Vinegar for losing weight

Apple Cider Vinegar is increasing in popularity for its growing body of research and potential health benefits, specifically relating to those for aiding weight loss [vi].

A clinical trial from 2018 aimed at looking if Apple Cider Vinegar can result in beneficial effects on weight management after a 12-week period when combined with a calorie-restrictive diet. After the conclusion of the study, the results suggested that Apple Cider Vinegar consumption, along with a restricted calorie diet, can decrease appetite, body weight, BMI and hip circumference in overweight or obese subjects [vi].

We have put together this additional blog post which looks at the other impressive benefits linked to Apple Cider Vinegar here.

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BPL1® for losing weight

We also use the award-winning BPL1® postbiotic as an option inside our Nourished personalised stacks; an ingredient linked to improving metabolic health. A clinical trial into the supplementation of BPL1® by abdominally obese men and women found that the group significantly decreased their waist circumference compared to a placebo group after only 12 weeks. Of the results, 39% of subjects experienced a decrease in waist circumference of 2cm or more after the end of the trial [iv].

You can learn more about this game-changing ingredient here or can add this to your own Nourished stack by clicking the button at the bottom of this blog.

BPL1 HT, Nourished, Weight Loss

How to get your own Nourished stacks?

At Nourished, we use cutting-edge 3D printers to create bespoke nutrient gummies. Our intelligent algorithmic quiz enables you to take a short online consultation and then receive a personalised recommendation of 7 scientifically-backed ingredients, all inside a single, convenient gummy stack.

You can even create your own stack directly from our 'Lab'. With a selection of over 35 ingredients, 9 delicious flavours and 2 coatings to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless!

This means that you are able to combine Apple Cider Vinegar, Careflow Mango Powder, BPL1® and 4 additional ingredients into a single gummy stack.

Our daily gummies are freshly 3D-printed and delivered directly to your door. If you would like to learn more about why we 3D print out gummies, then you can read more on the link here.

To learn more about what stack is suited to your lifestyle, self-care goals and body, then you can take the Nourished quiz now.

Nourished, Weight Loss

Want to learn more about weight loss tips?

To find out more about the effects of a Careflow Mango, Apple Cider Vinegar and BPL1®, as well as the research and studies mentioned in this article about healthy ways to lose weight, then please click the links listed below or visit the website research page here.

You can also read another one of the Nourished blogs on the link here.

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