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The Menopause - Spotting the signs and getting you back to being you!

The Menopause - Spotting the signs and getting you back to being you!

The Menopause is a natural part of ageing for most women, but it’s not always that easy to spot the signs. Suffering from hot flushes isn't the only indicator that your body is going through a change - but it's not always easy to also spot the signs.

Despite the fact that some people will be able to go through this period of change without any trouble, this can be an extremely troubling time for many.

It can be even more tricky knowing what to do, what supplements to take and what you should be eating once these symptoms start showing.

The Menopause usually takes place during the ages of 45-55 and lasts for four years, but can last up to 15 [ii]. As we are all inherently unique, not everyone will experience the same symptoms as this differs from person to person. It’s important to understand what to look out for and what vitamins to take/foods to eat in order to help you feel your best.


A report from 2019 [i] found that 65% of women going through the Menopause were less able to concentrate, more than half (58% of 1409 surveyed) experienced higher levels of stress and 52% found that they were less patient with their colleagues/clients.

As NHS England points out, symptoms can begin months or even years before the Menopause begins [iii], and it’s important to understand what to look for.

Suffering from hot flushes is the most well-known symptom, and although this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to symptoms, it isn’t one to be ignored as this affects three in four women.

Gaining weight is another significant symptom of the menopause, and can be caused by the slowing of your metabolism. This especially affects areas around the abdomen, hips and thighs. NHS UK recommends that exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight can improve some menopausal symptoms [iii].

Other physical symptoms include night sweats, vaginal dryness, thinning of the hair, chills, irregular periods and mood changes. Going through this change can cause more than just physical symptoms. Psychological symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, low confidence and insomnia are all related to the Menopause.

An independent research study from Nuffield highlighted how these symptoms can have a detrimental impact on people's lifestyles and work life. 1 in 10 have also considered quitting their job as a result of the Menopause [iv].

Getting Back to being you

The side effects can be serious so if you think you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above and think you may be going through the Menopause, then consult your GP and consider supplementing vitamins and nutrients into your diet. Here at Nourished, we can offer support to relieve unpleasant menopausal symptoms!

In combination with our natural, yet powerful Nourished supplements, ensuring you consume healthy fats that contain omega-3 fatty acids such as flax and chia seeds, could help reduce flushes according to some medical studies [v]. It is also shown that Vitamin D can help protect from bone density loss and helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth by absorbing calcium and phosphorus. There is a range of vegan alternatives too, such as the Vita-algae D3 we offer in Nourished Stacks. Typically made from the fat of lambswool, our vegan source of D3 is sourced from a mixture of algae and lichen fungus species which grow in the northern most parts of Canada.

Harvard Schools of public health [vi] also show that Whole Grains that contain Vitamin B are great for aiding the health of your nervous system and mood. Whole Grains also offer a host of other health benefits that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Fruits and vegetables are not only a high source of water (which help keep you hydrated) but also are a strong source of fibre. The high fibre can also reduce the hunger feeling you get given the low-calorie levels in fruit and vegetables. This can be a great aid for the slowing of the metabolism. In terms of nutritional benefits, our Nourished Greens (which is sourced from broccoli, spinach and spirulina) is the perfect option for adding an all-rounder that supports overall wellbeing, health and bodily functions. is sourced broccoli, spinach and spirulina.

Frozen, dried or powered options can also offer a range of benefits. One such ingredient that has been scientifically recognised as a benefit to supporting metabolism and reducing the signs of ageing is Careflow Mango Powder. We have all the scientific studies and claims for this Nourished ingredient here.

Making sure you are supplementing nutrients and vitamins into your body can be a massive help during this difficult period.

At Nourished, our Menopure Life Stack has been designed with all of this in mind, combining scientifically backed ingredients to aid your body through this transition and get you back on track to feeling your best!. Our vitamins help to support hormonal balance, support muscle and bone health, as well as being packed with powerful anti-inflammatories.

Our natural plant-based ingredients inside the Menopure stack such as Ashwagandha, K2 Vita Delta, Vitamin B12 can also aid in reducing hot flushes, improving the quality of your sleep, increasing energy levels and enhancing memory and cognitive function.

Each ingredient packs a whole host of additional health benefits such as how Ashwagandha has been used in ancient medicine for 100's of years to help relieve stress, how K2 Vita Delta plays a role in the production of functional coagulation factors in the liver or how Vitamin B12 supports the nervous system.

Find out more about our Menopure Life Stack here.

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