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Nutrition in a whole new dimension.

All of your daily vitamins and nutrients conveniently 3D printed into a tasty fruity, gummy stack.

Sugar free
Plastic–free packaging

As featured in.

How it works.

01. Made-to-order 3D printing

Your unique stack is 3D printed with our innovative patented technologies.

02. We ship right to your door

Your monthly supply of 28 custom stacks will be delivered directly to you.

03. Flexible subscription

Change your subscription at anytime as your lifestyle and goals also change. 

Our vitamins, minerals, nutrients and super-foods are all made fresh to order and are encapsulated in our delicious patented vegan gel formulation. This means that all of our products come with 99.5% efficacy guarantee and because your body digests nourished just like any other food – your body can absorb upto 70% more of the goodness inside then when compared to traditional isolate tablets. This means you feel the benefits of your Nourishments faster and more intensely than regular pills!  

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Exhaustively Researched

We have spent over 10,000 lab hours and have done over 20,000 tests to develop and optimise our patented ingredient and printing technology. This research and our collaborations with industry experts across nutrition, pharmacology and rheology has allowed us to bring you the most innovative, high impact nutrition in the world! 

Best Quality Ingredients

At Nourished we always strive to create products which are inclusive, not exclusive. We have rigorous quality control processes in place to ensure we only use the highest quality ingredients from ethically sourced suppliers. We also ensure that are all of our raw materials are  vegan certified and free from sugar & major allergens. All of our range is Halal and Kosher friendly as well so its safe for all to enjoy.

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100% Plastic Free

We are passionate about sustainability and doing out part to care for the planet. Which is why we worked obsessively to ensure that all our packaging is recyclable and home compostable. In addition 98% of our ingredients are sourced from the UK and all of our products are made in our Birmingham based facility and sent direct to your door using a 90% electric vehicle delivery fleet meaning our carbon footprint is kept as low as possible.

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Kick start your new years resolution with personalised nutrition

Do you know which nourishments are best suited for your lifestyle and goals?