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Customer Case Study: Nathan

Personalised nutrients for you Get Your Recommendation
Here at Nourished, we love helping our customers find bespoke nutritional solutions to enhance their lifestyle and optimise their goals. In this Customer Story, we spoke with Nathan who tried Nourished and noticed the positive effects of taking his gummy stack every day.

1. What is your name?  

Nathan Sysum   

2. What is your occupation?  

Business Support Administrator

3. Who do you live with? 

My husband

4. What are your hobbies/interests? 

Spending time with my friends and family as well as reading and watching the latest movies, along with being a part time twitch streamer and travel vlogger!

5. What are your goals/main priorities at the moment? 

To mainly lose weight and start looking after myself a little more as I get older.

6. Why did you decide to try Nourished? 

I started taking Nourished initially to help me lose weight that I’ve gained over the last few years and liked the idea of having something personalised to me as my health needs can be hard to balance.

7. Why did you choose Nourished over other vitamin brands on the market? 

I honestly don’t like the idea of swallowing a handful of different vitamins and supplements a day when I can have just one gummy that gives me everything I need!

8. How long have you been taking Nourished for?

I have been taking them for 10 months now.

9. What benefits have you felt from taking Nourished?

Originally, I wanted them to help me lose weight, but I’ve found they helped me in ways I didn’t expect by helping to manage and ease my IBS as well as my ADHD. Before taking Nourished I would struggle to sit still for hours at a computer where now I feel focused and full of energy.

10. What appeals to you most about Nourished?

Being able to make changes to my personal stack whenever my goals change is a big factor for me, not to mention trying all the different flavours!

Any other comments?

Thank you for always supporting me and my family.

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