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Customer Case Study: Caroline

Personalised nutrients for you Get Your Recommendation
Here at Nourished, we love helping our customers find bespoke nutritional solutions to enhance their lifestyle and optimise their goals. In this Customer Story, we spoke with Caroline who tried Nourished at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

1. Where did you hear about Nourished?  

I tried the stacks at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and loved the Shape up stack recommended.   

2. Do you use a personalised stack or one of our pre-blend stacks?  

I came home and did the questionnaire and ordered subscription custom stacks.   

3. Which one of our five flavours did you try? 

I went for a black currant sour coating. I ordered a one-off pack of the detox blend too for summer excesses and these will arrive today. I’ve gone for orange sour in those. 

4. What are the benefits that you have felt since taking Nourished? 

I absolutely love them. For my next subscription order, I’ve changed a few ingredients after reading about their benefits and have plumped for strawberry sweet.  

5. What are your health goals? 

My goals are weight loss, reduced stress and more energy.   

6. What makes Nourished stand out for you? 

I love being able to change them. I’m happy so far working my way through my first month’s supply. I’d recommend them to anyone. I think I do feel better already! I seem to be sleeping better and feel more relaxed.  

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