Folic Acid

Folic Acid.

Commonly known as an essential dietary supplement which is recommended i<span>f you're pregnant or trying for a baby.<!-- tempsplit --> It reduces the risk of neural defects in new-born babies and is an essential ingredient in the generation of DNA. It also helps the body produce healthy red blood cells - reducing the risk of anaemia and mitigating the side-effects of medications for issues like arthritis and epilepsy.</span>

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Benefits of Folic Acid

Seeing that the body is carrying enough oxygen throughout, Folic Acid helps produce healthy red blood cells. Reducing the likelihood of anaemia, this essential nutrient is also key for supporting our bodies natural defences.  More recent research has suggested that supplementing Folic Acid throughout the entire pregnancy, rather than just during the first trimester, can also have benefits for brain development and cognitive behaviour in early life (find out more in our blog here). 

By supplementing Folic Acid in our delicious vegan gummy stack, it is not only easier to consume whilst battling first trimest nausea, it is also absorbed into your body quicker and more effectively than standard isolated tablets.


Red blood cell production, immunity, fetus spine health and cognitive development

Protects Against:

Anaemia, neural defects, fatigue and arthritis

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It’s widely known that women trying to conceive and expecting mums should take folic acid to help prevent certain birth defects. But are there other benefits for the fetus’ and child’s development? Here, we look at the scientific research and studies to breakdown why this important supplement is so crucial for pregnancies.

Research & studies

The NHS recommends that all women trying to conceive and who are pregnant should take a daily dose of 400 micrograms a day for the first trimester of their pregnancy to support the growth of the baby’s spine.Learn more here.

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