Used for centuries as a medicinal plant, Scutell'Up has multiple health benefits. An impressive study has shown how it may help support mental health, reduce occasional anxiety and improve cognitive function. Other clinical trials have demonstrated how Scutell'Up may also potentially help to support sleep irregularity.

  • Anti-oxidant Properties

    Anti-oxidant Properties

  • Brain & Mind

    Brain & Mind

  • Sleep Quality

    Sleep Quality

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Sugar free

Benefits of Scutell'Up

Extracted from a natural botanical plant, Scutell'Up has been used medicinally for centuries. A clinical study has shown how this ingredient may also contain active components that have powerful anti-oxidant properties, which can support sleep quality.


Cognitive function, mental wellbeing, and support sleep quality

Tastes of:

Lemon & Lime

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Research & studies

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Biphasic effects of baicalin, an active constituent of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, in the spontaneous sleep-wake regulation

Department of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

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School of Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Gangwon-do, Korea

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