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White kidney bean's powerful weight loss properties

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Combating weight gain and obesity risks are a growing concern for our nation. With approximately 40% of women and 25% of men attempting to lose weight, temptation can strike when it comes to fad diets and unnatural supplementation in an attempt to quickly aid in the prevention, or reduction of excess body weight.

The power of White Kidney Bean Extract

At Nourished, we believe that consistently maintaining a balanced diet in combination with regular exercise is key for contributing to a healthy way of life. But what if we were to tell you there are extraordinary natural ingredients, holding nutritional properties that will support with weight loss naturally? Let’s take a deep dive into the properties and powerful advantages of white kidney bean extract.

What are the health benefits of White Kidney Bean?

White Kidney Beans are an amazing ingredient and is thought to improve energy and athletic performance, whilst reducing the risks of chronic illnesses such as heart disease. Whilst there is ongoing research around these benefits, they may be considered as side effects of the more well-documented effect it has on weight loss.

The extract increases the activity of substances called alpha-amylase inhibitor isoform 1, which then binds to long-chain carbs, such as starch so that they aren’t as easily absorbed into the intestine. Therefore, the starch doesn’t enter the bloodstream and isn’t converted into fat.

So far, all the studies performed show that white kidney bean extract, can indeed promote weight loss when taken with meals primarily due to the structure mentioned above.

It can even help with diabetes

Recently, white kidney bean extract has also received more attention for helping people who have diabetes, as well as those who are pre-diabetic. It is thought to do this by reducing blood sugar and insulin levels in the bloodstream and be a potential carb blockers for diabetics.

Specifically, higher doses of white kidney bean extract were shown to reduce the glycaemic index of foods such as white bread. Just like how it can stop long-chain carbs from being absorbed into the bloodstream, there is some evidence it can do the same for blood sugar. However, it is still not recommended that anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes have a diet with sugar levels outside of what their doctor recommends. [ii]

It’s all in the research

In 2003, a randomised double blind and placebo controlled study was taken to assess the affects and benefits of white kidney bean extract. Over a twelve-week period, test subjects lost an average of 7 pounds, averaging out to a little over half a pound a week! By restricting the calories absorbed by starch, white kidney bean extract contributed to the results with its with beneficial weight loss effects.

How the test was conducted

A randomised selection of 38 females and 11 males at the age of 33 were given a double-blind combination of placebos and white kidney bean extract. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of supplementing white kidney bean extract on weight loss, body measurement and body composition improvement, in a population of overweight individuals. [i]

Throughout the study, starting observations via weighing test subjects were made to monitor the performance and efficacy of kidney bean extract supplementation.  These measurements were recorded and compared across weigh-ins after six, eight and twelve weeks. The body weight for each subject was taken without outer clothing (coats, jackets and sweaters) whenever possible at the same time of day, with both starting and final weights made prior to eating and drinking.

Applying white kidney bean extract in a chewable format, each subject would consume their supplement before eating well balanced meals. All of the people in this study were also encouraged to drink plenty of water and were  permitted to eat up to three in-between-meal snacks a day of either fresh fruit or vegetables containing 120 calories or less.

The main measurements of success considered for this study were in relation to total body weight, body fat and lean body mass changes, in particular for the hips and waist.

The results are in

The overall group taking white kidney bean extract lost nearly 7 pounds, compared with a gain of almost 1 pound in the placebo group after 12 weeks. These results represent a healthy weight loss programme simply by restricting calories absorbed by starch. By reducing calories from starch alone can lead to beneficial weight loss effects in overweight people.

This relatively unknown supplement has been found to act as a calorie blocker, whilst helping support with weight loss through effective impersonation of a caloric deficit. [iii]

To add white kidney bean extract to your gummy stack to help with your slimming goals, head to our lab where you can build a gummy designed for your lifestyle and requirements! 

Want to Learn More?

Please visit the studies below or this page here to find out additional information regarding white kidney beans potential health benefits:





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