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What are the best vitamins to take for the menopause?

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Menopause is the time that marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It’s a natural part of aging, and one that usually affects women between the ages of 45-50 years old.

Menopause is the time that marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It’s a natural part of aging, and one that usually affects women between the ages of 45-50 years old. For some people, menopause may happen earlier due to medical treatments, surgery or even health conditions. Whilst many are aware of what the menopause is, some don’t know the symptoms – or what we can take to help.

What are the symptoms of the menopause?

The symptoms of the menopause differ for all women, as does the severity and duration. For most women, the symptoms last for up to four years, but for some they can last some time beyond that. Ordinarily, the most common sign of the menopause beginning is a change to your periods – whether that be the actual flow, or the frequency of them, before they stop altogether. Following this, some of the symptoms that a woman might experience whilst going through the menopause are hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, night sweats, headaches, a reduced sex drive, vaginal dryness, mood changes, joint pain and repeated UTIs.

How can vitamins help with the menopause?

Whilst it’s always advisable to make lifestyle changes around the menopause to help with symptoms, taking vitamins can help too! The menopause causes a reduction in hormone levels, which is what leads to the range of symptoms listed above. Taking certain vitamins or nutrients can help to protect your overall health, as well as managing any discomfort you may have. The menopause can also cause vitamin or mineral deficiency, so taking supplements can be a good way to get these levels back up.

What vitamins are best to take for the menopause?

First up is vitamin E. An antioxidant that can help to prevent certain diseases that become more prominent as we get older such as cancer and heart disease, it is important to take this around the menopause to help look after your overall health. Another important vitamin to take is vitamin D. Many of us do not get enough due to the lack of sunlight, and it is essential for bone health. Hormonal changes that happen with the menopause can sometimes lead to osteoporosis, so make sure you are taking enough vitamin D to keep your bones strong and healthy.

B vitamins help to prevent strokes, heart disease and dementia, all of which are conditions to take note of as you get older. Delving further into this, B-6 and B-12 vitamins can help to support cognitive function, and B-6 can even help to prevent depression in some women. Furthermore, B-9 can also be effective in reducing the amount of hot flashes you may experience.

Vitamin C, like vitamin E, is an antioxidant and plays a key role in supporting our immune system and also the production of collagen (now we know why our moms always wanted us to finish our carrots!). Last, but not least, is vitamin A. Whilst this antioxidant doesn’t have any firm ties to the menopause, it is vital for protecting your body’s immune function, and helps to look after your eyes too.

Nourished has created their Menopure Stack, which contains all the essential vitamins your body needs to go through the menopause in a healthy way. Alternatively, you can create your very own stacks in the Nourished Lab, perfectly suited to your body’s nutritional needs.

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