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Introducing our eye-health enhancer, Lutemax 2020

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Blue light exposure can lead to a variety of health-related issues especially leaving lasting damage to our eyes. This can range from blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eyes, sleep-related issues, macular degeneration and cataracts [ii].

The majority of us are exposed to blue light every day for long periods of time. In fact, the majority of you reading this blog post will be exposed to blue light from your phone, tablet or laptop screen right now. In today's day-and-age this exposure is unavoidable, especially when you consider that 43% of adults have a job that requires long periods of time on a tablet or computer, with this percentage being even higher amongst teenagers [i].

That's why, Nourished is proud to announce the introduction of our latest inclusion Lutemax 2020, which plays a role in preserving healthy eyes and offering protection from blue light in as little as 12 weeks [v].

What is Lutemax 2020 and Lutein?

Lutemax 2020 is naturally derived from marigold flowers and contains the three macular carotenoids – lutein, RR-zeaxanthin and RS (meso)-zeaxanthin. These three all play a key role in helping to preserve healthy eyes and supporting visual performance.

Lutein is one of two major carotenoids in the human eye and works almost like the body’s internal sunglasses where it filters damaging forms of light that can be found in sunlight and blue light [iv].

What Are the Benefits of Lutemax 2020?

This clinically backed and award-winning extract has gained significant attention due to its ability to help enhance eye health and cognitive function, whilst supporting the maintenance of healthy-looking skin and also possessing anti-inflammatory properties [iii].

A study has shown how macular pigment optical density (MPOD) can be improved within as little as 12-weeks when supplementing Lutemax 2020, a component that reduces the damaging effects of blue light whilst offering a variety of protective benefits for the eye. Macular Pigment (MP) acts as the eye's internal sunglasses and the denser the MP the more protection the eye has [v].

Eye Health.

Macular pigment optical density is important for a variety of other reasons too, as one study from 2016 found that an increase in MPOD leads to more protection against photo stress recovery, contrast sensitivity and disability glare thresholds [viii] [x] (processes which help the eye to recover quickly after looking directly at bright light sources and a loss of retinal image contrast).

Additional studies also indicate that Lutemax 2020 can deliver a combination of the serum lutein and zeaxanthin which target core health benefits around sleep and eye health [vi].

Lutein and zeaxanthin have also been linked to reducing the risks of AMD (age-related macular degeneration), protecting ocular cells from oxidative damage, enhancing the body’s immune response, and also offering anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties [ix].

This ingredient can play a role in improving our cognitive function too [xi]. Daily supplementation over a 6-month period found that there were “significant increases” in MPOD, which lead to an “enhancement in cognitive parameters that involve speed of processing and complex processing, respectively” among test subjects in a 2019 study [xi].

Lutemax 2020 also offers some powerful stress-fighting benefits and mood support by reducing serum cortisol and symptoms of suboptimal emotional and physical health [vii]. Another benefit to highlight is how lutein can improve skin tone, luminance and overall skin health through blue light protection on the skin [xii].

How to Add Lutemax 2020 to Your Diet?

This powerful new Nourishment can be added to your own personalised, freshly 3D-printed gummy today!

Gummy nutrients are chewable, easier to consume and studies have shown that gummy form can lead to higher absorption of certain ingredients. To add Lutemax 2020 to your personalised gummy, simply take our quiz or learn more about this multifunctional, game-changing nourishment here.

Want to Learn More About Lutemax 2020?

To find out more about Lutemax 2020, visit the studies listed below for additional information regarding this exciting new nourishment or visit the research page here:


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