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How we're going the extra mile with our sustainable packaging.

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Good for you. Good for mother nature.

We set out on our dedicated mission to nourish both our customers and the earth in 2019. From the very beginning, it was of great importance for us that Nourished stood true to its name. So through sustainable choices and innovative thinking we shaped the future of nutrition.

Planet over price.

Since day one, the sustainability of our packaging has been a priority staple of the business. We wanted to make sure our packaging was totally sustainable and that functionality prioritised aesthetics.

The most sustainable solution was certainly not the cheapest, but we felt it was our responsibility as the manufacturer to absorb these costs to offer a completely eco-friendly product.

We didn’t settle for just recyclable: We knew we could do more.

We would like to acknowledge and encourage people to continue to recycle. It’s another step closer to saving the planet – and at Nourished, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable. However, as an eco-conscious, innovative business, we wanted to commit to a more sustainable future and go that extra mile. We knew there had to be something more we could to when it came to our packaging…

Certified compostable wrappers.

Did you know, our wrappers are ‘Ok compost HOME’ certified by TÜV AUSTRIA? This accreditation is a huge deal for us at Nourished. It means we can guarantee our customers complete biodegradability of our packaging. From Nourished, to the garden compost heap in your home.

This means we’re not just nourishing you; Our wrappers break down and feed the earth nutrients too. In just 32 weeks, our compostable wrappers are completely absorbed by the earths soil.

Not to be confused with the term ‘biodegradable’, our wrappers deteriorate in a set time frame, whereas biodegradable products have no set amount of time in which they will be absorbed by the earth. All the materials we use (right down to the ink!) at Nourished do not produce toxins during the process of deterioration - another huge win for our planet.

Contributing to saving the earth’s climate, we’re ridding the world of plastic.

Don’t let our plastic-like packaging fool you, we’re 100% plastic free. Every stage of the plastic lifecycle releases harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

At Nourished we made a promise to ourselves and our customers to work long and hard until we created a sustainable business. Using 3D printers to make your personalised stacks, we have no single use plastic in our manufacturing process.

Did you know our production wastage rate is 2% or less? We like to put that little fact on our list of achievements here at Nourished HQ. Considering that most food factories waste between 25-40%, that’s pretty impressive if we may say so ourselves!

We’re already sustainable, but we want to do more.

We often get asked by our customers at Nourished, ‘Why so much packaging?’.

Well, all of our individual wraps are 100% compostable, and for the benefit of our customers we wrap our stacks individually to maintain freshness and quality, whilst ensuring they are delivered safely.

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our packaging is as sustainable as possible. At Nourished, innovation is at the heart of everything we do and we are constantly looking to optimise our offering. Your customer feedback is so important to us and when you told us the outer box can be a little bulky; we listened.

So, we’ve put our heads together at Nourished HQ to combat this challenge and we’re excited to tell you our new and improved packaging will be coming very soon!

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