Tart Cherry.

A highly versatile berry, rich in antioxidants. Tart cherry (the berry of the Prunus cerasus plant) is rich in flavonoids, which are often linked to prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Brain & Mind

    Brain & Mind

  • Endurance


  • Cardiovascular Health

    Cardiovascular Health

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Sugar free

Benefits of Tart Cherry

Tart Cherry has been shown in some studies to improve cognitive brain function, prevent exercise-induced muscle damage, and help to reduce inflammation, as well as helping to maintain our bodies natural sleep cycles.


brain function, muscle function, immunity, sleep

Protects against:

cardiovascular diseases, inflammation

Tastes of:


Milligram per serving:


Percentage of NRV per serving:


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Research & studies

Tart Cherry Extracts Reduce Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress Signaling in Microglial Cells
Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University

Effects of a Tart Cherry Juice Beverage on the Sleep of Older Adults with Insomnia: A Pilot Study
Sleep & Neurophysiology Research Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York

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