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Precision nutrition,
layered for life.

A science-backed, fully personalised 7-layer gummy stack, tailored to your unique wellness needs.

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Designed by you, freshly made by us

At Nourished, we are revolutionising personal wellness. Utilising patented 3D printing technology, we create personalised 7-layer nutrient gummy stacks, designed specifically for your individual health and lifestyle needs.

These stacks are a scientifically formulated blend of high-impact nutrients, vitamins, and superfoods, freshly made-to-order for maximum efficacy and optimal absorption. Begin with our quick 2-minute quiz to uncover the nutrient stack tailored for your unique mind, body, and wellness goals.

How it works

Tell us about you

Start your journey in just 2 minutes. Take our quiz to share your lifestyle, mind, body, and goals. It's quick, easy, and confidential. We'll guide you through every step.

Discover Your Stack

Explore over 120m possible combinations with our smart algorithm. Receive a unique 7-layer stack, each with vitamins, botanicals, minerals, and probiotics.

Build healthy habits

As life evolves, so does your stack. Modify your flavour or inclusions anytime. Plus, stellar support and wellness tips from our award-winning team and blog.
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Why Choose Nourished?


Truly Personalised

Combine 7 nutrients with your flavour choice for your unique stack


7-in-1 Gummy

That your body digests like food for higher absorption and efficacy


Freshly Made

Made to order in the UK with ethically sourced, traceable ingredients


Plant Based

Sugar-free and Vegan Society approved along with GMO free

Science-stacked wellness

At Nourished, we combine cutting-edge research, premium ingredients, and patented 3D-printing technology to create gummy stacks that offer unmatched levels of personalisation, and high levels of bioavailability, absorption and ingredient potency. All is achieved while minimising waste and using zero single-use plastics.

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Nutrition just got personal

My inspiration for Nourished came from a deep desire to empower individuals to take control of their own nutrition journey. We understand that we all have unique lifestyles, goals and preferences, and I am passionate about providing personalised solutions to cater to these individual requirements.

Melissa Snover
CEO & Founder

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Trusted by experts

"The bespoke gummy stacks have been a huge hit with our patients, helping them reach their goals."

Dr Rob Coney
Dr Rob Coney
Registered Nutritionist

"It's now so much easier for me to ensure my clients are getting the nutrients they need, and in bioavailable forms, easily absorbed."

Head of Nutrition

"Nourished has transformed the way we support our clients' nutrition needs."

Registered Nutritionist

Accreditations & awards

Unparalleled Expertise


Powered by innovative technology with 21 patents


Validated by over 2000 tests from third party labs


Backed by over 300 independent clinical studies

Nourished in the news

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Nourished wins the King’s Award for Innovation 2023

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