The Plant Based Power Stack

The Plant Based Power Stack

A plant-based promise! Our Plant Based Power Stack has been approved by the Vegan Society and combines 7 powerful nourishments into one vegan, sugar-free gummy stack.



Mental Wellbeing

The Plant-based Power Stack

A high-impact formula containing powerful nourishments, which studies have shown may help support energy, immunity and cardiovascular health. A special blend of micro-nutrients and super-foods tailored for those with a vegan diet and approved by the Vegan Society.

Each box of Plant Based Power contains x28 nutrient gummies, designed to be taken daily. Every nutrient stack is coated in a delicious and sugar-free, sweet flavour.

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The Plant Based Power Stack Ingredients

Lovingly formulate to support a vegan diet, our Plant Based Power stack consists of 7 scientifically-backed nourishments...

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