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Sugar Free

At Nourished we always strive to create products which are inclusive not exclusive. So when we began developing the formula base recipe for our brand we kept this close to heart and made it our mission to create a great tasting, high impact nutrient stack which was safe for diabetics, vegan and speciality diets.

In order to do this we carried out over 18k product tests over the past 12 months and have derived a very special vegan and sugar free recipe that is safe for almost all people, tastes great and isn’t full of sugar.

Our formulations use a base made up of Erythritol, Pectin and Maltitol to create a pleasing sweet taste without any of the sugar and negative impacts sugar can bring.

So what makes it so sweet then?

Erythritol and Maltitol are Polyols or Sugar alcohols which are naturally derived from fruits and plants. They do not have any actual alcohol in them but have the molecular structure of a polyol.

They are naturally sweet (between 60-90% as sweet as traditional table sugar) but have much lower calories and glycaemic index impact meaning they are a great alternative to sugar for everyone but especially for diabetics, people following a low carb low sugar diet and those looking to lose weight.

In addition there are some studies which have been done which show that these agents can potentially reduce risk of heart disease but more studies are needed.

So what's the coating on the outside of the stack?

The outer coating on the stack is Erythritol – which is one of the safest and most beneficial natural sweeteners on earth. Basically, it has all the things that are good about regular sugar, without any of the negatives.

It doesn’t cause cavities or have an unpleasant aftertaste like some other sugar substitutes.

Are there any risks with these ingredients? They seem too good to be true….

With any food product or ingredient there are risks for certain groups and usage tactics. With any polyol there is a risk of laxative effects if the user consumes an excessive amount. With regards to the sweeteners we use the EFSA advice on consumption is as below and the good news is there is only about 7g in a Nourished Nutrient Stack so no danger at all. If you suffer from Chronic IBS you should consult your doctor about consuming any sweeteners.

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