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Inositol Vitamin for PCOS

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Ease the Symptoms of PCOS

Improve ovarian function, metabolic and hormonal levels with inositol in your Nourished vitamin stack

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Help reduce

PCOS Symptoms

The truth is, there is a significant lack of information and support out there for women who are suffering from PCOS. Shockingly, despite this, PCOS is actually very common and affects as many as 1 in 10 women.

The symptoms are not always easy to spot and managing them daily can be extremely frustrating and exhausting for sufferers.

Even though having PCOS isn’t a choice, suffering from the symptoms doesn’t have to be.

Our latest scientifically-backed edition to the Nourished vitamin line-up is here to help, Inositol can help relieve that discomfort and get you on your way back to being you.

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✓ Backed by science

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How can Inositol

Combat Symptoms of PCOS?

Managing the symptoms of PCOS can be extremely exhausting and occur on a daily basis, that’s why understanding how Inositol can help is very important.

Supplementing Inositol has been shown to support ovarian function and metabolic hormonal parameters of people who suffer from PCOS.

Scientific studies have shown that Inositol can restore ovarian activity/regularity and increase fertility [i], as well as helping to improve the regularity of the menstrual cycle.[ii]

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> Do the stacks contain sugar or allergens

Our Nourished stacks are coated with erythritol which gives the stack a sweet taste. It also contains maltitol within the pectin gel formulation, but is most definitely sugar free.

All of our products are Allergen Free. If you do have a specific allergy or have any questions please reach out to us at customerlove@get-nourished.com

> How are the stacks made?

We 3D print all of our stacks, to order, using our special patented** technology, read more about our creations and printers on our blog here

** patent pending

>What are the macronutrients & calories of the stacks?

**All nutritional values are on average

Each 11g stack contains

  • **Calories - 25
  • **Carbohydrates - 8g
  • Protein-0g
  • Fat-0g

> Are they suitable for restrictive diets?

Our pectin based encapsulation formula is 100% vegan, allergen free, Halal and Kosher friendly. All of our active ingredients are also sourced from high quality whole food and vegan sources.

> Where do you source your ingredients from?

We spent time making sure all of our ingredients are naturally sourced, vegan and all from UK suppliers.

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