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Nourished Insider FAQ's

'Nourished Insider' FAQ's

  • What is a Nourished Insider?
    Becoming a Nourished Insider means you will be part of our consumer testing panel. This is a group of customers selected by us to provide input and opinion on products and services for research on consumer behaviour

  • How do I take part?
    An invitation will be sent to you containing the link to register to take part in our consumer panel.

  • How does the consumer panel work?
    You sign up to register to part of the consumer panel. The product will then get sent to you free of charge with a link to a survey to provide us with feedback. Any rewards will then be added to your account.

  • How can I exit the consumer panel?
    To leave the consumer panel, just send us an email to customerlove@get-nourished.com

  • When will I receive the product that I am testing?
    Once registered, we will notify you once the products are being dispatched

  • What if the products are damaged in transit or missing?
    Please contact customerlove@get-nourished.com, we can then assist you further

  • What if I have a reaction to the product?
    We will provide you with all information required for the product being tested so you can decide if the product is safe for you before committing to the trial. If you receive the product and do not want to take part, email customerlove@get-nourished.com

  • How long do I have to review the product?
    The product must be reviewed via the survey within 7 days of receipt

  • How do I review the product?
    A link will be provided for you which will take you to a short survey for you to leave us your honest feedback

  • When will I receive my rewards?
    Once the survey has been completed, any rewards that have been promised will be added to your account
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