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Stack the odds in your flavour.

Personalised for your mind, body and tastebuds.
NEW Choose from 5 delicious sugar-free coatings!

Plastic free
Sugar free

How it works

A bespoke blend

We'll recommend 7 plant-based nutrients, vitamins & minerals, to suit your mind and body.

Freshly made-to-order

Each nourishment is 3D printed to form your own 7 layered, vegan gummy stack.

Delivered every month

We'll deliver your vitamins straight to your door, in 100% plastic-free packaging.

High-efficacy nourishment

Enjoy x1 delicious, sugar-free stack each day. Compared to traditional pills, Nourished has 99% higher efficacy and 70% higher absorption.

Vegan, sugar-free nutrient gummies. Designed by you, freshly made by us.

How will you stack up?
Take the quiz to discover your recommendation.

Loved by customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Join the thousands of customers who have experienced a difference with their own Personalised Nourished stack!

Vitamin Lab

7 in 1

Every Nourished stack combines 7 scientifically-backed ingredients into a single and delicious gummy stack. Freshly 3D printed and delivered right to your door.

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging is 100% plastic free and our home compostable wrappers enable you to nourish your health, without harming the planet.

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