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3 Benefits of 3D Printed Vitamins.

Many people ask, why do we 3D print gummy vitamins?

We wanted to share 3 of the key benefits you receive from using personalised, 3D printed vitamins.

01. Less waste, more sustainable.

By 3D printing gummy vitamins, the process is highly sustainable, using virtually no plastic waste. Plus, we re-sterilise, re-use and clean all utensils within our facility.

02. Better efficacy, higher impact.

We 3D print all our vitamins fresh to order, ensuring the efficacy of the active ingredients is maintained to achieve a higher impact when eaten.

03. True personalisation.

Our custom-made 3D printers layer blends of active ingredients based on your individual needs. This creates a single delicious gummy vitamin stack, entirely designed by you.

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