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What is vitamin C?

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Perhaps one of the most well-known vitamins out there is Vitamin C. It’s immune-boosting, antioxidant and wound healing properties have been celebrated for generations, and any gummy stack worth its salt holds this vitamin in correct supplemental measure.

What is Vitamin C and what does it do?

Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a naturally-present vitamin that is frequently found in many of the healthiest food options. Unlike Vitamin D, it is not a vitamin that can be found through exposure to sunlight or can be produced within our systems, and so ensuring an adequate consumption of Vitamin C is essential for a healthy and balanced diet.

Where is Vitamin C found?

Vitamin C is perhaps most famous for being found in oranges, but there are many other foods in which it can be found. In fact, the Amazonian berry of the Camu Camu tree (named Camu Camu itself), is known for holding one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C globally, and is where we source our Vitamin C from!

However, vitamin C is also found in Kale, Mustard Spinach, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Lemons, Strawberries, Papayas, Chili Peppers and Plums to name a few -  and these are only examples of high vitamin C concentrations.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C? 

Helps to protect the immune system: It’s also a fantastic antioxidant and increases blood flow [ii]. Not only this, but it’s thorough immune-system boosting capacities have led Vitamin C to become pivotal in the fight against various colds and flu viruses. As such, it can also lead to the prevention and aid against symptoms of illnesses such as CMT1A, a weakness of muscles in the lower legs. [iii]

This is why Vitamin C is often recommended as part of a supplementary stack, as the exposure to airborne viruses or exposure to the cold bug (especially in winter) requires a robust and healthy immune system to fight off.

Healing powers: Vitamin C is essential for the biosynthesis of L-carnitine, collagen, and also in breaking down and metabolizing proteins. This means that it’s a crucial vitamin with a dedicated role in wound healing.

Improves bone and teeth health: Vitamin C helps maintain bone and teeth health, as well as boosting eye and cardiovascular health. [i]

How should you supplement Vitamin C?

There are a range of methods in which you may wish to supplement vitamin C. In fact, it is a natural part of many multivitamin brands, although it’s unlikely that these tablets will fulfill your daily quota of Vitamin C. Additionally, high-concentrate 1000mg Vitamin C tablets can be purchased over the counter at your local supermarket, but for the most part concentrations this high are not sustainable.

Nourished Stacks are a vibrant new means of gaining 7 high-quality supplemental nutrients and minerals taken from only the best natural sources. They offer high impact and increased absorption in a no-pill format, using vegan and sugar free wholefood ingredients. Not only that, but utilizing the best sources allows for said vitamins to come in their purest form, allowing you to avoid cheap or unreliably arranged vitamin balances found in lower quality products.

So, what vitamins should I take we hear you asking? Vitamin C is one of the components of Nourished’s Inner Defense gummy stack, our blend that’s designed to assist and strengthen your immune system and keep you feeling healthy as possible. Learn more about the Inner Defense stack or build your own personalised blend to get your daily dose of Vitamin C! 

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