Pre-blend | The Plant-based Power Stack

The Plant-based Power Stack.

We've packed 7 vitamins and super-foods into these daily stacks to help enhance your plant based diet. Our vegan-specific blend has been created to ensure your body gets everything it needs.

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Supports digestion
  • Boosts energy levels

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Supports digestion
  • Boosts energy levels

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Sugar free
Plastic–free packaging


Vitamin B12
K2 Vital Delta™
Vegan Vita-algae D3™
LactoSpore® Probiotic
Nutritional Info

Benefits of Plant Based Power.

You're already Nourishing the earth, now it's time to Nourish your health!

Plant Based Power boxes are conveniently delivered to your door each month in plastic free and home compostable packaging. Each box contains 28 edible, sugar free gummy stacks for you to enjoy daily.


Immunity and bone and heart health.

Protects against:

Fatigue and stress.

Tastes of:

Mixed fruits.

100% plant based

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Sugar free

Your unique stack is 3D printed with our innovative patented technologies.

Plastic Free

All our packaging is 100% plastic free, home compostable and recycleable. 

Not only do you feel the positive effects, you feel part of the future. It's convenience, quality and 'nourishment' at it's best. When taking one of your daily doses, you admire the fact that this product has been created by technology 'of the future'. I love innovation, but most importantly, you feel the effects of this product.

West Midlands, UK

Just what I needed! Quick delivery, great product. Very happy so far and will be continuing to purchase. I’ve definitely got more energy in the mornings so seems a win for me.

Manchester, UK

First of all they have an amazing customer service, my experience with NOURISHED is being great definitely I can feel the difference, the perfect combination of nutrients to help me with my diet requirements and sport performance...!

Slough, UK

I saw this company advertising at a health/food show earlier in the year . I’ve been very excited waiting for them to bring their products to market . What a super amazing concept. Totally personalised supplements all in one little tasty chewable package . No more need to take numerous supplements every day or even out for the day or on holiday . This has made life so much easier.

Bath, UK

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