Personalise Your Own

Our revitalising blend is designed to help keep you fresh and focused—whatever your busy schedule.



  Improves concentration

  Helps relieve stress 

  Reduces nausea

  1 daily edible stack, 28 servings per box 

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How It Works

Nourished is the worlds first truly personalised nutrition product.

- Vegan, sugar-free and made in the UK.

- Plastic free, home-compostable packaging

- Freshly 3D printed to order, uniquely for you

- Nutrient density of 99.5% or higher

- Our patented vegan gel formula enables up to 70% better absorption (compared to traditional tablets).

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How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

2. Your Plan

We 3D print every stack made to order, uniquely for you!

3. Nourished Daily

Every 28 days we'll deliver a fresh box of daily stacks direct to your door.