Careflow™ Mango Powder.

Careflow is a 100% pure mango fruit powder, which research has shown can have beneficial effects on both heart health and metabolism.

  • Anti-aging


  • Energy


  • Cardiovascular Health

    Cardiovascular Health

Plastic free
Sugar free

Benefits of Careflow™ Mango Powder

Bursting with impressive properties, studies have shown how Mango Careflow Powder can increase blood flow by promoting microcirculation, whilst significantly improving endothelial function – our body's vascular system. Careflow Mango Powder has also been recognised in scientific findings for its beneficial effects on supporting the metabolism.


Metabolism, energy and heart health

Protects Against:

Low blood pressure, premature ageing and inflammation

Tastes of:


Milligram per serving:


Percentage of NRV per serving:


Powered by science.

Here at Nourished, we’re passionate about the science behind each stack. Here are just a couple of the scientific studies supporting our work;

Research & studies

Effects of Mangifera indica (Careless) on Microcirculation and Glucose Metabolism in Healthy Volunteers
Vital Solutions Swiss AG, Basel, Switzerland

" In Vitro Activation of eNOS by Mangifera indica (Careless™) and Determination of an Effective Dosage in a Randomized, Double-Blind, Human Pilot Study on Microcirculation"
Vital Solutions Swiss AG, Romanshorn, Schweiz

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