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The Multiple Benefits of Probiotics

The Multiple Benefits of Probiotics
Lactospore Probiotic is one of our most popular Nourishments, and it’s easy to see why. This multifunctioning microorganism can help to fortify the immune system, support weight loss and even strengthen muscle mass. Probiotics are perhaps best known for their benefits for digestive health, so in this blog we take a closer look at this good bacteria and how it can be good for you!

What is Lactospore Probiotic?

At Nourished we use a probiotic developed by Lactospore containing lactic acid, which is widely believed to help prevent the growth of putrefactive bacteria. Lactic acid probiotic is known to have beneficial effects on the human gastro-intestinal tract and is considered the most important probiotic. Our bodies contain around 400 different types of bacterial species that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, and lactic acid producing bacteria are the largest inhabitant group amongst them all.  Lactospore probiotic has been extensively researched and critically evaluated across the world and is acclaimed for helping to balance the gut’s resident microbiota population.

Initial reactions

Some of our customers have experienced bloating, looseness of the bowels or excess gas when they first start taking Lactospore Probiotic in their Nourished stacks. This is a very common reaction of supplementing probiotics which should subside in a few days or weeks, and is actually a good sign that they are working effectively as it is an indication that your digestive system is being cleared out. If you are also experiencing these symptoms, it might help to try taking your Nourished stack before eating rather than after a meal. However, if you are finding these symptoms too uncomfortable and would prefer to switch it out for a different Nourishment, you can easily do so by editing your stack in your account or contacting us at customerlove@get-nourished.com.

Benefits of 3D printing probiotics

  • Probiotics are a living microorganism, and so it is important to package and store them correctly to ensure their viability. At Nourished we 3D print each of our stacks on demand for optimum efficacy, and individually wrap them in our unique wood-pulp packaging so that they stay fresh and uncontaminated from the environment around them.

  • Recent research has suggested that by encapsulating probiotics in a carrier material, it could help to protect the friendly bacteria against the harsh conditions of the stomach and allow them to safely reach the intestines where nutrients are absorbed and the probiotic can do its best work! We encapsulate all our Nourishments by 3D printing them into our patented vegan gel which allows for higher absorption than standard isolated tablets and helps to protect sensitive active ingredients against internal and external factors.

Other benefits of probiotics;

Immunity - One of the benefits that probiotics may have is in restoring the balance of our gut flora by limiting the growth of more harmful gut bacteria, which in turn can protect the immune system and prevent us from getting sick. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that probiotics are good for enhancing the creation of natural antibodies in the body, as well as in boosting immune cells which travel throughout the body to fight foreign invaders of all kinds.

Healthy heart - Probiotics have been shown to have a positive impact on lowering blood pressure and LDL cholesterol (commonly known as “bad” cholesterol); both of which can be great for keeping your heart healthy. These two factors can lead to a reduced chance of heart disease and heart attack, allowing you to build a strong, healthy heart through aerobic exercise.

DigestionProbiotics play an important role in assisting all kinds of activities in our digestive system. As a result, not having enough ‘helpful bacteria’ can lead to frequent digestive issues. Probiotics use has been shown to help with diarrhoea, reducing its severity or stopping it entirely. They can help to replenish good bacteria that antibiotics kill. Therefore, it is believed they can also ease diarrhea caused by the consumption of ani-biotics. 

Muscle gains - Other vitamins, nutrients and protein can be better absorbed in your diet when supplemented with probiotics. Better absorption of protein can sequentially help to increase muscle mass  and strength and improve muscle recovery after exercise.

Mental health - By improving the health of your digestive system, probiotics can also help to improve mental health as there are strong links between gut and mind health. Studies have shown that supplementing probiotics can help to improve anxiety, depression, autism and memory.

Weight loss - Probiotics can assist with weight loss by helping you to stay fuller for longer, store less fat and burn more calories. They also help to prevent the absorption of fat in the intestines, causing fat to be excreted rather than stored in the body. 


To find out if Lactospore Probiotic is advised for your individual lifestyle and goals, complete our short questionnaire to get a recommendation of seven Nourishments suited to you. Alternatively, if you are already Nourishing your body, you can swap probiotics in and out of your stack at any time by contacting customerlove@get-nourished.com. 





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