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The Benefits of Maca Powder.

The Benefits of Maca Powder.

The Maca plant has seen a huge popularity spike in recent years thanks to it's nutritious qualities and potential to improve energy and stamina. Also known as Peruvian ginseng or by its scientific name Lepidium meyenii; the maca plant is most commonly consumed by grinding the root (the edible part) into a powder form to be used in a number of different applications. It can also be included in supplements, such as in our delicious Nourished stacks

What are the Benefits of Maca Powder?

High nutritional content: Maca root is known for its high nutritional content which serves as a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. A single ounce of maca root powder contains more vitamin C content than two whole oranges, while also having more copper and fibre than an ounce of cashew nuts. Increased libido in both men and women: Packed & Stacked pre-blend for fitness enthusiasts, which includes also maca powder.

This is an alternative way to take maca powder that is convenient, enjoyable and can be personalised to your nutritional needs. Our Nourished stacks combine 7 different active ingredients in one delicious gummy, making their consumption much easier than taking multiple pills and tablets. Complete our short questionnaire or build your own stack to add maca powder to your personalised blend to help you feel more energised and upbeat!

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