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Introducing our brand-new Nourishment- Scutell’up®!

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Scutell’up is a patented formulation extract from the Scutellaria baicalensis plant, it’s rich in flavones and has been shown to have impressive anti-stress properties.  Used for centuries as an ancient medicinal remedy, Scutell'Up has been shown to hold powerful benefits to help support mental health.

The Benefits

A recent study(i) shows that over 70% of the UK population has overwhelmed by stress in the past year. Millions of us around the world are experiencing high levels of stress and it can be damaging to our health. Stress is one of the greatest public health challenges of our time.

Nourished want to do everything we can to help you feel your best, that’s why we have introduced a nourishment that has been clinically proven* to enhance your mood and improve your emotional balance without reduction of energy or cognition within 2 hours of consumption during a two-week daily treatment time.

Scutell’up is also proven* to support the recovery of attention on deficit hyperactivity and improve memory and learning. In addition, Scutellaria’s flavones have been shown to have other health related benefits such as the regulation of sleep-wake depravation and support with physical health problems like heart disease, immune systems, insomnia and even digestive problems.  

How does it work?

This all-natural active nourishment works by reducing the inflammatory cytokines responsible for depressive symptoms such as stress & anxiety. It selects partial agonists of GABA receptors which supports reduction of anxiety without any undesirable side effects*.

Simply put - when we get stressed our bodies release ‘Corticosterone’ which is a stress hormone - taking Scuetellaria (Scutell’up) can help to reduce these effects, as quickly as conventional medication such as ‘fluoxetine’.   

Scutell’up works with immediate action to the brain, it has no known side effects and zero addiction or dependency risk associated with it - making it a great natural alternative to OTC medications*.  This is a unique, natural, proven ingredient perfectly adapted to work within your personalised 3D Printed stack! 

Why we have added Scutell’up® to our All Star Nourishment Line Up?

Here at Nourished our customers are remain the forefront of everything we do- from the start of the production process straight through to the final delivery stage and everything in between.

The team at Nourished recognise the significant rise in mental health awareness and wellbeing challenges the UK population has faced throughout 2020 and long before– it’s been a tricky year to say the least. With this in mind, we set out to discover an ingredient that encapsulated an all-natural, vegan nourishment that can support mental health with no known side effects. After countless weeks searching, studying and lab testing – we’ve discovered Scutell’up and its undeniable health connotations.

We are proud to place Scutell’up amongst our 29 natural nutrient inclusions and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Add Scutell'Up to your own Nourished stack

Scutell'Up has some pretty impressive, undeniable health connotations. Our new, natural hero for helping to relieve stress, anxiety & depression, add this powerful ingredient to not only help promote good mental health, but to;

- Calm hyperactivity whilst improving memory and learning

- Help protect against sleep irregularity

- Work efficiently without adverse effects and zero addiction or dependence

Take a look closer look at this wonderous ingredient which you can add to your own stack and take our quiz to get started.

Our Commitment to You

At Nourished, we are committed to ensuring all of our ingredients are of the highest quality. Scuttle Up is a branded high impact and highly researched version of this ancient hero ingredient – made from 100% natural, NON-GMO sources and tested for the highest level of quality.

Want to learn more?

Check out the for studies below for additional information about this exciting natural mental health hero.


Neuroprotective and Cognitive Enhancement Potentials of Baicalin: A Review

Biphasic effects of baicalin, an active constituent of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, in the spontaneous sleep–wake regulation  

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