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Libido lacking? Don’t worry, you’re not alone…

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The stress and anxiety caused by lockdown (and the fact we don’t know when it will end!) has had an effect on the nation’s libido.

In Superdrug’s new report, Addressing Low Libido, they found that 28% of 1,000 respondents across the UK and USA reported a lower libido in 2020 – this is despite the fact that 54% of women and 42% of women said they would prefer a higher libido.

We know lockdown has had an impact, but let’s break it down - when respondents who had reported a low libido were asked what contributes to this, 43% of people said their low libido was caused primarily by psychological factors, while only 16% blamed something physical. So, what were these psychological factors?

When respondents who had reported a low libido were asked which of the following contribute to your low libido…

  • 59% said stress
  • 50% fatigue
  • 46% said depression
  • 45% said anxiety
  • 41% said self esteem

Nourished stacks offer a wide selection of vitamins, minerals and superfoods to support your lifestyle, body and goals – and if those goals include an improved libido, that’s no different. So, what Nourishments are available that could help with a lagging libido?

Maca powder : sourced from the Peruvian Maca root, this superfood has been shown in studies to increase libido in both men and women[i]

Ashwagandha: a powerful herb that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in multiple studies[ii]

Ginseng: a supplement which has been shown in studies to significantly improve both sexual desire, and function[iii]

Scuttel’Up: used for centuries as a medicinal plant, this impressive ingredient has been shown in studies to decrease stress hormone levels, anxiety and depression[iv]

Vitamin B12: this essential nutrient has been shown in studies to increase energy levels, regulate mood and reduce stress[v]

Head to the Nourished Lab and simply add your chosen Nourishments to your stack.

Another key concern when tacking a lagging libido? Communication!

Even though respondents reported a variety of sexual and lifestyle changes in their lives,  44% said they hadn’t told a soul about these changes, with women more likely than men to keep it to themselves.

If Superdrug’s study has shown us anything, it’s that issues with low libido are more common than we think – try to discuss your experience with those around you, and you just might find a friend who’s struggling too. Not quite ready to bring it up with friends and family? Talk to your GP for advice and support.


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