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Personalised High Impact Vitamins & Minerals | USA shipping available

Better Efficacy & Absorption.

Better Efficacy & Absorption.
At Nourished we are passionate about creating totally tailor-made nutrition on demand with higher efficacy and absorption levels than standard isolated supplements.

We want to ensure that our Nourished stacks are making the best, most powerful impact for our customers. So, we worked extremely hard to ensure that all of our range of actives ingredients are of the highest quality with the maximum bio-availability possible. (This technically-sounding word 'Bio-availability' basically means better absorbed by the body!)

We personally make your stacks on demand using our patent protected (9 if your counting) printers. As the product is being made fresh, this which means the nutrient density in Nourished is 99.5% or higher than standard isolated tablets. Traditional vitamins are made up to 2 years before reaching the consumer as they have often come from long supply chains and kept on retail shelves for prolonged periods, meaning they can have efficacy rates as low as 10%!

We encapsulate all of your chosen active ingredients into our patented vegan hydrocolloid gel –  meaning your body digests your Nourished stack like any other food and you are able absorb up to 70% more of the goodness inside, ensuring you get the maximum benefit!

To find out more about the scientific research and evidence behind increased absorption rates of vitamin gummies compared to standard isolated pills, check out our blog here

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