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The benefits of Resveratrol in postmenopausal women

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Resveratrol is a natural phytoestrogen naturally found in grapes and wine. It's one of our most popular nourishments often added to stacks for it's benefits to cognitive (mind) health and increases the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol in the blood.

In 2020, a new study has been published to show the benefit of resveratrol for menopausal women aged 45–85 years.

In a pilot study of postmenopausal women, it was found that a 14 week supplementation with a low dose of resveratrol, improved cerebrovascular (blood flow in the brain) and cognitive functions. Since that pilot study, a larger, longer term study was taken out to confirm the benefits, and the findings are very interesting.

The longer term study involved women aged 45-85 years old who were randomly chosen to take either a placebo or a 75mg trans-resveratrol twice daily for 12 months (there is 100mg in a single layer of Nourished Resveratrol).

The study assessed the effects of the resveratrol supplement on cognition, cerebral blood flow, cerebrovascular responsiveness (CVR) and cardiometabolic markers (blood pressure, diabetes markers and fasting lipids).

The findings

“Compared to placebo, resveratrol improved overall cognitive performance (P < 0.001) and attenuated the decline in CVR to cognitive stimuli (P = 0.038). The latter effect was associated with reduction of fasting blood glucose (r = −0.339, P = 0.023).

This long-term study confirms that regular consumption of resveratrol can enhance cognitive and cerebrovascular functions in postmenopausal women, with the potential to slow cognitive decline due to ageing and menopause.”

The conclusion

“The present study not only confirms the significant benefits of resveratrol seen in the pilot study but, most importantly, it shows that these benefits are not short-lived but can be sustained with ongoing supplementation for at least 12 months.”

Read the fully study here.

How to increase your intake of resveratrol

At Nourished, we believe the supplements and vitamins you take should be as unique as you are. Resveratrol is available as a single layer to add into your personalised stack, and is also present in our Menopure blend - which has 7 high impact nourishments specifically tailored to support the changes of menopause. 

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