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Benefits of K2 Vital Delta.

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There are vitamins that we’ve all heard of. You probably know that you need Vitamin C to boost your immune system and that taking vitamin D is a good idea in the winter when we get far less access to natural sunlight. But, what about vitamin K2? Most of us have never heard of it.

While many vitamins can be found in the foods and drinks that we enjoy, vitamin K2 is relatively rare in a typical western diet. While vitamin K1 can be found in leafy greens, vitamin K2 is mainly found in animal foods and fermented foods. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need it. In fact, vitamin K2 has many benefits and is undoubtedly worth including in your next Nourished Stack.

What are the benefits of Vitamin K2?

K Vitamins activate proteins that help with blood clotting, health health, and calcium metabolism. But, the benefits of Vitamin K2 specifically are a little further ranging. 

Less susceptible to heart disease.

One of the most significant risk factors for heart disease is a build-up of calcium in the arteries around the heart. It’s believed that Vitamin K2 can help by preventing calcium from being deposited in our arteries. 

Improved bone health.

By aiding calcium metabolism, Vitamin K2 can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis and boost bone health. It does this by activating the calcium-binding actions of proteins within your body. Studies have shown that older women taking a Vitamin K2 supplement have much slower decreases in age-related loss of bone density. 

Improved oral health.

Working in the same way, Vitamin K2 can improve the strength of your teeth, looking after your oral health. 

Some studies show it supports in fighting Cancer.

Studies have shown that high levels of vitamin K2 can lower the risk of some cancers,  reduce the risks of recurrences, and increase survival times after diagnosis. 

So, how should you use K2?

While vitamin K2 isn’t found in a typical diet, our bodies can convert some Vitamin K1 into K2, so eating a diet rich in leafy green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, and lettuce can help. But evidence suggests that the conversion process is relatively inefficient, and so you should try to boost your Vitamin K2 intake in other ways. 

Your best dietary source of Vitamin K2 is high-fat dairy products such as egg yolks and organ meat such as liver, from grass-fed cows. Vegans and vegetarians can have a particularly hard time eating Vitamin K2 directly, and so a supplement may be helpful. 

Nourished offers nutrient-packed stacks to suit specific lifestyle and goals, as well as nutritional needs. Vitamin K2 is often more effective when taken as part of a Nourished Stack, as your body can absorb a higher amount of pure vitamin, and there’s no added sugar to dull the effects. This alternative way to consume the recommended amount of Vitamin K2 is convenient and easy, and building your own stack allows you to get all of the vitamins that you need in one tasty gummy instead of having to worry about taking different pills for various needs. Complete our short questionnaire to build your own stack to start enjoying the benefits and protections today.

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