The Pre-natal Stack

Our enriching blend of ingredients is designed to help you every step of the way to motherhood. Each box contains 28 edible, sugar-free gummy stacks. Each stack is individually wrapped in plastic free, home-compostable packaging.

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These seven active ingredients are highly researched and each are known to promote a healthy pregnancy. We've combined them to create an enriching prenatal blend to help you every step of the way to motherhood.

  • Helps produce breast milk
  • Maintains a healthy immune system
  • Reduces fatigue


All of our ingredients are sourced from high-grade vegan whole food sources and made fresh to order – meaning the efficacy is 99% or higher. Each Nourishment is absorbed as a macro which means they are digested much more efficiently than a traditional isolate pill or capsule.

How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

2. Your Plan

We 3D print every stack made to order, uniquely for you!

3. Nourished Daily

Every 28 days we'll deliver a fresh box of daily stacks direct to your door.