Silica is super important for the body to create and maintain collagen, but as we age our silica levels decline. By boosting the amount of silica in your body you can expect to strengthen your joints, bones and teeth and fortify thinning hair, brittle nails and dry skin. Other benefits include enhancing the immune system, offering cardiovascular support and aiding with stomach and digestive disorders.

Supports: Joints, bones, immunity, hair, skin and nails
Protects Against: Anti-oxidant Damage, Digestive and stomach disorders
Tastes of: Lemongrass

Plastic free
Sugar free

Sugar free

Our gummy vitamins are totally sugar-free. Their delicious sweet taste and sugar-like coating comes from the natural sweetener found in fruits!


At Nourished, we pride ourselves on a ‘No Nasties, Non-GMO’ approach when it comes to our gummy vitamins.

100% plant based

All of our ingredients & our gummy stacks are fully certified with 'The Vegan Society' Trademark.



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