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Nourished Protein, Raising the Bar Above the Rest!

Nourished Protein, Raising the Bar Above the Rest!
Looking for the best vegan protein bar? Look no further! We know that finding a delicious protein bar that's free from nasties, low in sugar, and high in protein can be very difficult to come by, and it's one of the reasons we set out to create our own here at Nourished.

When launching Nourished Protein, we set out to tackle a huge problem facing consumers, flavour fatigue. This lack of innovation in a crowded market found consumers becoming bored of recycled flavours and having almost zero personalisation possibilities, especially in a protein product that was super tasty, plant-based and healthy.

Thanks to our patented technology and rapid NPD cycles, Nourished Protein has now opened the door to a truly personalised protein experience thanks to our multitude of potential flavour combinations.

You can choose from 420 different flavour combinations to create your own unique plant-based bar.

Unlike most bars on the market, we chose a vegan source of protein as it has a variety of health benefits compared to sources that derive from animal products such as dairy proteins, including how this could reduce your risk of cholesterol and heart diseases [i] [ii]. Our bars are also packed with at least 18g of protein too, which can be up to a third higher than other popular brands on the market.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of vegan sources of protein, then read our blog post here.

When we say that our bars are free from nasties, we really mean it too! When comparing Nourished Protein to the competition, many other bars are packed full of sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and other ingredients that are counterproductive in a product meant to enhance your health.

Bars that are high in sugar run the risk of negatively affecting your health. Consuming foods high in sugar has been linked to an increased risk of weight gain, increases to stress levels, type II diabetes, risks of other chronic diseases and much more [iii] [iv].

Sugar is usually added to these products and used almost like a cheat code to increase the flavour profile, but doing so will sacrifice some of the health benefits. But despite our bars being low in sugar at Nourished, this doesn't affect the overall taste and flavour of our bars.

We've had some amazing feedback from our customers who say they can't believe how delicious our bars are. But don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers had to say:

"The new protein bars are extremely tasty, like having a treat. I was impressed at the size of the bars and how satisfying they are. There is also a great range of flavours, different from others on the market." - Ann Marie

"Overall, I love the bar. The taste was excellent, the texture was excellent. One of the best I've tried." - Mark O'Hara

"Great products, bars tasted great. Not always easy when it comes to taste vs quality." - Anonymous Nourished Customer

"Tried the new protein bars. Really good quality and tastes great!" - Anonymous Nourished Customer

As well as being low in sugar, high in plant-based protein and free of nasties, our protein bars will also keep you feeling fuller for longer. Nourished protein bars are slightly larger than the average protein bar (giving you up to 50% more than others on the market at 68g*). Our bars give you the perfect nutrition hit between meals, reducing those temptations calling out from the unhealthy snack cupboard, and also aiding muscle repair and recovery rates [vi].

Studies also show how that consuming a high amount of protein in your diet can also aid weight loss [v]. You can read our full blog post on the benefits of a high protein diet by clicking the link here.

Every time you personalise your very own protein bar you can find a detailed nutritional breakdown of everything inside your bar, including your macros and calories. Create your very own protein bar by visiting the link here.

Can’t choose which flavour combination to go with? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our ‘Selection’ and ‘Taster’ boxes. These are the perfect introduction to Nourished Protein and contain a curated selection of our top flavours to get you started.

Want To Learn More?

To find out more about the studies and claims mentioned in this article, visit the links listed below or visit the research page here:

*Weight taken from our Chocolate Brownie Flavoured Protein Bar from the All-Star Selection Box.
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