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Introducing our NEW delicious coating flavours!

Introducing our NEW delicious coating flavours!
Personalising your vitamin regime is what we do best here at Nourished. With 30 different vitamins, minerals and supplements available, our bespoke gummy stacks are completely customisable to suit your mind and body. But why stop there? 

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our NEW customisable coating flavours! Sugar-free and delicious, all three coatings add the finishing touch to your stack.

Whether you prefer sweet, sour or fruity blackcurrant, we are now giving you the option to choose which of these three coatings you would like on your gummy vitamin stacks. Each flavour is sugar-free, natural, gluten free, allergen free and vegan.

A Nourished classic! Our original coating tastes just like sugar!  A base of Erythritol with a small amount of Malic Acid and Malt Extract come together for one tasty recipe. 

NEW Sour:
For that tastebud tang! Switch up your vitamin game even more with our sour coating option. Using Erythritol as our base sweetener and adding a slightly higher ratio of Malic Acid, gives a flavour full of personality!

NEW Fruity Blackcurrant:
Fruit fanatic? If you find yourself picking out the black and red wine gums, this one’s for you! Basing this option off our trusty Erythritol coating, we add an all-natural blackcurrant flavouring extract to provide some irresistible berry goodness!

Sugar-free – always.

Don’t let our stacks sugary appearance have you fooled! At Nourished, we pride ourselves on our natural alternative to sugar. That Erythritol we keep mentioning? It’s natures alternative to sugar! Derived from fruits, each and every Nourished stack is coated in this sugar-free natural sweetener, which adds one last touch of personalisation to your delicious gummy vitamin. 

Why do we add a coating to our stacks?

We don’t just coat your Nourished gummy's to make them even more delicious, there’s more than flavour to our methods!

Coating each and every stack not only allows us to ensure your vitamins arrive looking their best, but it means we can lock in all the goodness we worked so hard to pack into each individual layer in your stack, by preserving the efficacy and freshness every time. 

How to choose your coating.

To add your own coating, simply take our quiz and we will ask which of our 3 coatings you would prefer us to cover your freshly made vitamin stacks with.

If you are already one of our wonderful Nourished customers and would like to update your coating option, simply fill out this form and we'll take care of your request.

Please ensure you have placed your request 2 days before your expected delivery date. Any coating requests thereafter will apply to your next order.

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