About Us

Our NOURISH3D dream began when Founder Melissa accidentally dropped a container of vitamins and supplements in airport security and had to crawl around the floor in her suit and heels trying to pick them up. As a busy entrepreneur who travels all over the world and as a nutrition enthusiast; she was sick of having to take multiple bottles and packets of pills with her everywhere she went.

So we came up with NOURISH3D. Now Melissa is able to combine all of her favourite active ingredients into one personalised and convenient pod, and hasn’t had to crawl around an airport since.

We utilised patented 3D food printing technology to develop a new and ingenious way for you to create your very own customised single batch chewable supplements. And because each custom blend is made to order there is also no waste product or extra packaging, meaning NOURISH3D is not only better for you, its also better for the environment.

We sourced all of our ingredients from high quality vegan whole food sources in Europe and the USA to make sure our product is of the highest standard (and tasted delicious of course!) We also conducted extensive laboratory tests to ensure our active ingredients were optimised in our patented vegan gelling agent. After all, if you are the first in the world to do something – you better do it right!

NOURISH3D are a small tech start up from Birmingham, but we have big dreams. We believe that everyone is unique and that if anything on Earth should be personalised it should be your health and wellness. Our mission is to change the way the world thinks, buys and experiences vitamins and supplements going forward, one NOURISHM3NT at a time.


Melissa Snover

Managing Director / CEO

Melissa Snover is an award-winning entrepreneur who has founded and ran several successful businesses. She is a visionary and trendsetter in the food tech industry and has launched innovative brands such as Goody Good Stuff (the world’s first vegan gummy candy) and Katjes Magic Candy Factory (the world’s first 3D printer for candy).

Despite the commercial success of her previous businesses, Melissa wasn’t satisfied with just disrupting the confectionary industry and wanted to find a way to truly impact people’s everyday lives with her 3D printing technology. Melissa knows all too well the pressures of living a busy lifestyle and trying to balance a hectic work schedule, spending time with family and friends and keeping fit and healthy. She has been a strong believer in giving your body the right nutrients for years and is an avid consumer of vitamins and supplements herself. Irritated with the lack of truly customisable vitamins on the market, frustrated with having to take multiple tablets with her around the world and having to remember to order them before they ran out; she sought to create a product around personalised nutrition.

In May 2018 with her small team she developed a prototype and brought NOURISH3D to the UK market just a few months later. Melissa is super excited to make personalised nutrition accessible and affordable for everyone and let the consumer truly NOURISH their lifestyle!

Martyn Catchpole

Head of Technology

Martyn is a self-confessed 3D printing nerd and is our in house technology genius! He designed, developed and built our innovative machinery to create our NOURISHM3NTS and is constantly optimising the hardware to maximise our results.

Caitlin Richards

Head of Logistics and Branding

Working in a start-up means each of our small, versatile team have several different roles. Caitlin’s responsibilities range from managing accounts and logistics to planning social media posts, writing press releases and generally spreading the positive vibes of NOURISH3D!

Reece Pedley

Head of Design

Reece is the designer behind our beautiful brand and creates all of the visuals on our website, packaging and marketing material.

Carrie Munro

Administrator and PA

Carrie is in charge of customer service and ensures each and every one of our NOURISH3D customers receives the best service that they deserve!

James Walker

Head of Events and Special Projects

With a degree in product design, James is responsible for ingredient testing and product development to ensure each and every single NOURISHM3NT is to the highest stand in taste, appearance and above all productivity.